Topical formulations play an important role in drug delivery and development. Topical formulations can be used to treat local and systematic indications, offer ease of delivery, facilitate patient compliance, and avoid the problem of first-pass metabolism. Successfully developing a topical formulation requires an understanding of the physiochemical properties, such as release characteristics, composition of the drug-delivery system, and the nature of the drug delivery vehicle. Manufacturing a semisolid dosage requires implementing a CMC (chemistry, manufacturing, and controls) strategy to ensure stability, photo safety, avoidance of product degradation, and minimization of process impurities.

At Pharmatek, our team of formulation scientists has a comprehensive understanding of topical drug product development and is skilled at maximizing solubility and stability of our clients’ small molecule and peptide drug candidates. We offer a variety of services and product configurations for your topical development needs.

Topical Dosage Forms

• Gels
• Creams
• Ointments
• Lotions
• Sprays
• Foams


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