A significant portion of the population is unable to swallow tablets and capsules. Because of large tablet or capsule size, poor palatability, and a lack of appropriate dosage strength, these oral formulations fail many patients, especially children, elderly and the terminally ill. Pharmatek’s pediatric development services are dedicated to developing products that address these issues. With strong knowledge of taste masking and excipient compatibility, our goal is to deliver a robust formulation and manufacturing process that is optimized for:

• Palatability
• Manufacturability
• Solubility and Bioavailability Enhancement
• Stability
• Dose Range and Dosing Flexibility

Our experience and capabilities include the development of:

• Oral liquids (solutions & suspensions)
• Chewable and orally disintegrating tablets
• Granules
• Powders for reconstitution (powder in a bottle and sachets)
• Minitabs

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