Pharmatek develops and manufactures a range of oral dosage forms. We have more than a decade of experience developing, optimizing and scaling up oral dosage forms that have been formulated, engineered and processed to optimize the properties of clients’ drug substances. Our experience includes first-in-man strategiessolutions for poorly soluble compoundscontrolled release and pediatric formulations & separate facilities for the handling of cytotoxic & potent compounds. 


• Solid & Liquid Filled
• Direct Blend
• Granulation (Wet, Dry, Fluid Bed)
• Solid Dispersion
• Semi-Solids (SEDDS)
• Lipid (Emulsions/Suspensions)
• Bead/Multiparticulate


blue tablets_revised• Direct Compression
• Granulation (Wet, Dry, Fluid Bed)
• Coated: Seal & Functional
• Extended Release
• Immediate Release
• Matrix
• Orally Dissolving
• Complexation


• Powder-in-Bottle
• Liquid-in-Bottle
• Pouches

Pharmatek's Approach to Oral Development

Our approach towards formulation development involves first assessing simple formulations and increasing the complexity, if needed, until sufficient in vitro performance is achieved. Formulations are screened using discriminating analytical methods and evaluated for stability and in vitro performance. The most promising prototypes are provided to the sponsor for proof-of-concept PK studies. Our team along with the client will evaluate the PK data is evaluated, while considering the client’s strategic objectives, and determines which prototype is best to take forward for optimization and GMP manufacturing.

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