Pharmatek: Pharmaceutical Chemistry Development specializes in compound selection, analytical development and formulation development. Based in San Diego, Pharmatek is known for it's own Hot Rod Chemistry and Formulation Screening Kit.

Compound Evaluation
Analytical Methods Development
Preformulation Testing
Formulation Development
GMP Manufacturing
Stability Testing/Storage
Cytotoxic and High-Potent Development
Total Quality Excellence
Pharmatek, 1999-2009: 10 Years of Great Chemistry
GMP Manufacturing

Equipment List

For more detailed information about Pharmatek's GMP manufacturing equipment, download the PDF version.

Equipment Model Manufacturer
Turbula Blender Type T2F & T10B Glen Mills
V-Blender 1 ft3, 3 ft3 Patterson Kelly
V-Blender Maxiblend 1, 2, 3 ft3 Globe Pharma
V-Blender Blend Master Patterson Kelly
Lab Scale V-Blender Yoke Model Blend Master Patteron Kelly
Fluid Bed Dryer/Granulator Model 0002 Fluid Air
Fluid Bed Dryer/Granulator VFC-LAB 3 Vector
High Shear Granulator PX1 Fluid Air
High Shear Granulator GMX.01 Vector
High Shear Granulator GMX-25 Vector
High Shear Granulator GMXB-Pilot Vector
High Shear Mixer L4RT Silverson
Roller Compaction
Roller Compactor TFC-220 Vector
Lab Scale Roller Compactor TFC-LAB Micro Vector
Comil 197S Quadro
Sieve Shaker RoTap RX-30 Tyler
Manual Encapsulator ProFill Capsugel
Automated Encapsulator In Cap Dott. Bonapace & C
Automated Encapsulator GKF 130 Bosch
Automated Encapsulator GKF 400 Bosch
Automated Liquid Encapsulator FS3 Qualicaps
Microdose Capsule Filler Powdernium MTM2005 (Autodose) Symyx
Microdose Capsule Filler XcelodoseŽ 600S Capsugel
Banding Machine Lab Bander Schaefer Technologies
Tablet Press Mini Press II Globe Pharma
Tablet Press BBTS-10 Key International
Tablet Press XL 100 Korsch
Perforated Coating Pan LCDS Vector
Metal Detector Met 30 Lock Inspection Systems
Capsule/Tablet Check Weigher SADE SP100 BT CI Electronics
Capsule/Tablet Counter Vericount Pallaypack
Induction Sealer Lepel JR Lepel Inc.
Blister Machine In-Pack Dott. Bonapace & C
Medical Pouch Sealer MS-350-NG Van der Stahl
Spray Dryer B-290 Mini Buchi
Lyophilizer Genesis 25 EL Virtis
Micro Balance MX5 Automated-S Mettler Toledo
Microfluidizer 110S Microfluidics
- Current as of January, 2012
- Test equipment includes: DSC, TGA, Malvern, Surface Area Analyzer, FT-IR, Viscometer, Karl Fischer, LOD Analyzer, Friability, Dissolution, Disintegration, Hardness, Tap Densitometer, and Flowdex. This is not a complete list of Pharmatek's testing and manufacturing equipment. For current or additional equipment information, please contact us.