At Pharmatek, formulation development is a logical, data-driven process, where the formulation strategy is the result of an analysis of the physiochemical characteristics of the API, the intended manufacturing process, key patient compliance issues and the strategic goals of the company. Our scientists have a comprehensive understanding of oral,  injectable and topical drug product development at every phase of the pipeline:

Execution of the formulation strategy utilizes a logical, data driven approach:

  • Pre-formulation solubility and stability evaluations
  • Comprehensive excipient screening
  • Prototype development
  • Formulation optimization and finalization
  • Supporting documentation and data package

Formulation Capabilities:

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  • Solid & Liquid Filled
  • Direct Blend
  • Granulation (Wet, Dry, Fluid Bed)
  • Solid Dispersion
  • Semi-Solids (SEDDS)
  • Lipid (Emulsions/Suspensions)
  • Bead/Multiparticulate

Liquid Oral

  • Suspensions
  • Emulsions
  • Liquid-in-Bottle


  • Liquid in a Vial
  • Powder in a Vial for Reconstitution
  • Lyophilized Powder for Reconstitution


  • Direct Compression
  • Immediate Release
  • Granulation (Wet, Dry, Fluid Bed)
  • Coated: Seal & Functional
  • Extended Release
  • Matrix
  • Orally Dissolving
  • Complexation


  • Powder-in-Bottle
  • Pouches


  • Gels
  • Creams
  • Ointments
  • Lotions
  • Sprays
  • Foams

Customized Development Plans

Each company  is unique and has its own development challenges, resource constraints and development philosophy. Whether there is a strict budget, an accelerated timeline or solubility issues, Pharmatek will design a development program customized to meet your goals. Learn more about our capabilities for the following clinical strategies:

Our goal is to match the best technology for clinical success with our client’s corporate goals, timelines and budget. We offer seamless service from initial preformulation testing to full CTM release, storage and distribution. With a range of dosage form development and cGMP manufacturing capabilities, Pharmatek can meet your development needs.

Capabilities for Challenging Compounds

We understand that certain drug candidates present specific challenges, such as low bioavailability or require controlled release. Formulation expertise can be helpful in overcoming many of these issues. Whether your molecule requires solubility enhancementspecial handling or targeted delivery, Pharmatek has the experience and capabilities needed to develop and deliver your preclinical, clinical or commercial formulation.

Pharmatek's Development Philosophy

At Pharmatek we understand the challenges faced by pharmaceutical companies. That’s why we focus on moving our clients’ compounds from the bench to the clinic with the most effective and straightforward process for manufacturing your drug product. From bioavailability enhancement technologies for insoluble compounds to API-in-a-capsule, we match the best solution with the physiochemical characteristics of the compound and your corporate goals, clinical timelines and development budget.