With a focus on quality, Pharmatek offers flexible and responsive services ensuring timely packaging and labeling of CTM.

Since 1999, pharmaceutical and biotech companies have trusted Pharmatek with their clinical packaging and labeling needs. Pharmatek’s experienced manufacturing, QC and QA teams bring flexible, client-centric service and CTM expertise to your clinical packaging projects. Our integrated packaging services provide maximum flexibility and are beneficial for both small and large-volume clinical packaging projects.

Services Include:


  • Bottling (Tablets, Capsules, Liquid-Filled Capsules)
  • Blister Packaging (Thermoform & Cold Form)
  • Pouching/Powder Filling
  • Labeling (Foreign Languages, Blinding & Booklets)
  • Ambient & Controlled Temperature Storage & Distribution
  • Stability Storage & Testing
  • Over Encapsulation for Comparator Trials

Pharmatek’s solutions include manual, semi-automated and fully-automated packaging of tablets and capsules. Our fully-automated bottling line produces batch sizes up to 10,000 bottles per day.

Consolidating your CTM manufacturing, packaging, labeling and supply chain management needs under one roof is cost-effective and an efficient alternative to working with multiple suppliers. Pharmatek’s integrated development services seamlessly move your project from production to packaging, distribution, storage and stability with ease, reducing your overall clinical material costs and time to clinic.

The Pharmatek Difference

In producing clinical trial supplies, Pharmatek’s manufacturing team is versatile enough to efficiently manage small batch manufacturing as well as large, complex clinical trial studies. Manufacturing the product to quality standards with on time delivery is a given. The added benefits such as no hassle scheduling, rapid batch record release and reporting, efficiency in technology and methods transfer all contribute to our high client satisfaction in manufacturing projects.

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