The bioavailability of a drug is influenced by its solubility. Poor solubility leads to difficulties in obtaining adequate and reproducible absorption and is therefore associated with low bioavailability. Pharmatek offers several proven approaches for enhancing the bioavailability of poorly soluble compounds. Our range of royalty-free technologies can help increase the solubility or permeability of drug compounds and have applications throughout the development process, from the earliest stages to commercialization.

Bioavailability Enhancement Technologies:

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  • Solid Dispersions
  • Particle Size Reduction
  • Complexation
  • Liquid/Lipid-filled Capsules
  • Spray Drying
  • Fluid-bed Processing
  • Hot-melt Granulations

Our goal is to match the best technology for clinical success with our client’s corporate goals, timelines and budget. The approach towards formulation development involves first assessing simple formulations and increasing the complexity, if needed, until sufficient performance is achieved. Click here to learn more about Pharmatek’s formulation development capabilities.

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